Its about developing possibilities, rather than satisfying constraints.

(2012, Welsh and & Dehler)

Active Learning

Teaching and coaching is a very special activity. It demands an attitude towards oneself and others that sets professional reflection on work and didactic ability before one’s own views. In recent years, the academic world has developed a broader interest and understanding of teaching methods in the field of applied arts and design. The many years of my experience in education shed light on some fundamental topics. On the one hand, about the learner, whom you as a teacher have to help to discover and develop the learners genius. This includes not only the transmission of technical skills but above all the ability to reflect and criticise one’s own work. Therefore, the work is based on numerous iterations and requires patience and the strong will to find clarity. In the end, the result can be a positive surprise – for learners and lecturers.

In this section you see the universities I have been working with. The training and coaching covers topics such as information design, marketing communication, media aesthetics, design prototyping and theory. To show student work depends on their consent. Single projects can be seen at the section insights on others

Lectures and workshops in design basic education from 2001 until 2004.

Modules and educational concept in visual communication for curriculum industrial design from 2004 until 2013. 

Guest lectures in the international master of integrated design leading the studio class since 2017. 

Lectures and interdisciplinary design workshop for design master class in 2015. 

Designmanagement workshops in the interdisciplinary study program since 2016. 

Lectures in marketing communication, design history and branding in the bachelor and master programes since 2013. 

Lectures in design theory for the study course Management by Design in the years 2019 to 2020.