If men define situations as real they are real in their consequences.

(1928, William & Dorothy Thomas)

Systemic Brand Value Proposition

Verbal or visual language is one of the most important means of communication. It helps us to bridge or even break through the respective system boundaries. Companies use language to communicate internally and externally. They utilize the communication system to actively encode their perception of reality, their identity and local norms, values and mission statements or even spontaneous positioning on a current and relevant situation in an external context.

If the value-oriented corporate strategy is coupled with communication, a consistent and, above all, long-lasting system is created. The challenge during implementation is the homogeneity of statements and propositions in all media. The influence of all media users is so strong today that this requirement is elevated and the maintenance of the image is one of the central challenges.

The strategic approach that I and my colleagues pursue is always based on a brand value proposition. Whether brand development, trade fair concept, graphic presentation or digital interface – maintaining statements in an agile systemic context is the greatest capital of interaction.

Trade Shows

For many years I have been supporting the development of trade fair booths and conferences in an operative and advisory way. Here are just a few examples of Bilfinger Berger Umwelttechnik and erfi Laborsysteme. Trade shows are a wonderful opportunity for direct communication. The personal presence cannot be replaced by any kind of collaterals, but it complements the brand association. 

Corporate and Marketing Communications

A trade fair is often used as an opportunity to communicate major changes in the company or radical product innovation. In marketing communication, all measures and the associated consequences come together. Radical changes can not only be presented selectively, they mean a cultural change both inside and outside the organization. The charts show just a very small selection of the various activities that have been developed for industry clients as well as for the consumer and convenience business. 

Corporate Design

The core of a visual communication programme in the business context is the brand itself and brand design. The differentiation to other companies is thereby signified and a systematic derivation of the core elements on all other levels of communication is the consequence. It is the challenge to support the vendors and other studios by developing a guideline wich is hand-on in the allday practical context. 


The lists of the following customer names represent a multitude of different projects, which I have been able to accompany over the last 20 years. Typically, I look after less number of clients at the same time. I don’t just focus on the development of a communication strategy, but also on its implementation from the very beginning. Depending on the size of the company, this can take up to a few years and over time, a fundamental operational understanding of active marketing communication develops.


e.g. erfi Laborsysteme
Bilfinger Berger Environmental 
Bornemann Pumps
Renommee Music Consulting
Triumph Adler
Lohmann & Rauscher
Dresdner Bank

User Experience

e.g. Bilfinger Berger
JDS Uniphase
Mercedes Benz


e.g. Passavant-Geiger Gruppe
Rizzoli New York, Arquitectonica
Verlag für Beton und Technik
Sportauto MOT
erfi Laborsysteme