What’s your expertise –

The studio class in the summer term of the International Master studies of Integrated Design developed a series of experiments based on the given questions. The students were grouped in 10 smaller groups each on a fit of their personal expertise in a specific field. The skills offer a wide range from „eating rice with hands“ up to developing „sensibility of spacial proportion“. Each group represented a specific skill, an expertise the students possessed and shared, also known as tacit knowledge and very challenging to explain.

The challenge given included the definition of what the expertise is about and how it can be learned by someone without any pre-knowledge. Installing experimental learning settings supported by various design methods had been developed and tested with changing participants. The studends used design thinking prototyping as approach to develop the various experimental settings. Accompanied by problem statement and how-to-question framing the basis for each new experiment. In each setting, the design students had to work with different participants in order to compare the results.

In addition to developing the learning setting, the experiments had to be observed and interviews had to be conducted after the experiment. The students therefore had to change their roles several times, thereby supporting their own learning as a designer. All in all, action research formed the methodological frame for the settings accompanied by visualization, laddering interviews and peer-to-peer reflection. 

A studio project by: “MAID – Master of Arts of Integrated Design” Hochschule Anhalt, Summer 2019.
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