Design Literacy through Experiential Learning –

It has always been a challenge for laymen to understand design. In a culturally saturated region like Kerala, there is always a resistance from the traditional cultural framework. This might be due to the wrong perceptions about design and the lack of design literacy. In order to break this algorithm, common man needs to be educated about the basics of design. They need to realise that design is not a new entity but is something ingrained in the very heart of the culture and even more in nature. The general temptation to look at only the aesthetics of a design can only be rectified by helping them to learn about design principles. My thesis is a quest to find how could we communicate the importance of design principles to nondesigner software users.

Learning and perceptions are formed through experience. In this study process, the possibilities of experiential learning is tested. Will these experiences alter the perceptions of a culturally strong society? What all factors should be included in constructing this experience? This study intends to probe into all these questions. Design thinking process is used to approach a problem creatively.

A thesis project by: Ann Maria Mathew “MAID – Master of Arts of Integrated Design” Hochschule Anhalt, Dessau, Summer 2020. The MAID-blog