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The purpose of this project is to provide women with a tool to empower themselves in a work environment with less opportunities for further development. Inspired by Amy Cuddy’s research, who explains how High-Power-Postures can strengthen our confidence. Therefore the comfort of our clothing affects directly our behavior and mind.
The methodology consists of two parts, first an exploratory process and second using the double diamond of the British Design Council. The final prototype, the E-Shirt, gives information about the importance of our non-verbal communication, freedom to move, worthy pockets and independent sleeves to create a more flexible garment. I come to the conclusion of offering the product as a genderless shirt, I think it is convenient that although it was inspired by the specific needs of women and inequality. It would be of a greater contribution that can help in the empowerment to all those who need it, without any exception.
A thesis project by: Isel Lorena Vega Ramos “MAID – Master of Arts of Integrated Design”  Hochschule Anhalt, Summer 2018.