Fire safety and roof monitoring – 

The first official business meeting of siworks took place in 2013. Due to a doubling of the number of employees and the profit of a major project, the sole proprietorship was transformed into a joint stock company (AG).

The founder was still student of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. During a course on branding and corporate identity, he and a friend, todays head of branding at siworks, developed the cornerstones of what accompanies them every day today. An identity and an accompanying appearance, which embodies the values of the company siworks alive.

siworks itself: “The company was born out of the friendship of the Pfadi – and this feeling from this time should be lived on: the feeling of the positive mood and the energy to be able to change everything. A strong sense of WE, the joint achievement of goals and collective growth drive siworks every day. siworks wants to make life easier for its customers – and save a lot of money. Through prevention products such as Active Flat Roof Monitoring, siworks saves customers from having to face the high costs of a leak that is discovered too late.” ( (