A park of stakeholders – 

This master thesis demonstrates how service design and design methodology can be successfully used to solve problems. Here in the case of ThaiPark – a park in a Berlin district whose Thai visitors very successfully offer Thai prepared dishes to other visitors of the park but are now about to close. The popularity of the ThaiPark on the one hand, like the originality of the food and its spontaneous and Thai ambience, on the other hand has negative effects on the park and its surrounding residents, such as mountains of rubbish, noise and smells.

The project initially focused on researching the needs of all stakeholders. The results show that the lack of proper administration and organisation is central. Since there are no key stakeholders responsible for the park’s existing problems, altermative options were identified based on the use of service design methodologies such as Eco-system-mapping or the Service-blueprint.

With a view to preserving the ThaiPark as a cultural space, a process was designed which takes into account a structured set-up of procedures for visitors, vendors, city administration and Thai Embassy.

A thesis project by: Kanokpon Youcharoen “MAID – Master of Arts of Integrated Design” Hochschule Anhalt, Summer 2019.