… and the trap of materialism –

Consumers in the late centuries face distractions while shopping which creates a detachment from what matters. This drove companies to capitalize over that distraction to make more profit. My thesis aims to observe the distraction consumers face when they go shopping and tackle it. Find a way to prevent the distraction or make the consumer aware of it. Driving the consumer to analyise his/her own behavior, control it, and change it.

How to create awareness that guides users through their next shopping journey and change their shopping behavior for a better quality life?

The offered Design solution is creating an app to challenge consumers behaviour. Which aims to allow users to identify their shopping behaviour resulting in less consumption. A fun way to challenge one’s behaviour. 12 weekly challenges of a total duration of 3 months resulting in changed behaviour. The 12 challenges shuffle randomly for each user. Link to the app landing page: https://angiesalama.com/minimal-app/

A thesis project by: Angie Salama “MAID – Master of Arts of Integrated Design” Hochschule Anhalt, Autumn 2019.
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